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5 Things You Can Do When You Feel Left Out as a Grandparent

As a grandparent living in this modern culture, you’ve probably experienced hearing about an important milestone in your grandchild’s life from a social media post. Because people’s lives are busier than ever, you may sense a disconnected between you and your grown children, which leads to feeling left out. This happens in most families from time to time, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t valued as a grandparent.Think of it this way. When you were a young parent, (before social media), a lot of time was spent trying to keep up with life. Work, schedules, and household duties kept you hopping, didn’t they? There were probably many things you forgot to tell your own parents concerning their grandchildren’s milestones.In light of that, I’ve come up with a few ways to stop feeling left out and take a healthy proactive approach to being included in your grandkids’ lives. Hopefully, these tips will help you communicate better, extend the invitation, and invest in what matters most. Here are a few things you can do when you feel left out as a grandparent.Photo Credit:© Getty Images/Daisy-Daisy

26 Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Crafts to Do with Your Grandkids

Your artistic grandson can make a Valentine's Picasso. Your stylish granddaughter can make her own jewelry. They can even make fun food "gifts" to give away. You will find something on this list that your grandchild is bound to love making. So pick a craft or two, set a "play date," and get ready to let the creativity and love flow.

3 Ways Grandparents Can Leave a Legacy of Faith

It’s more than apparent that grandparents have a huge impact on the lives of their grandchildren. And, while I’ve sought out these legacies, defined them, and nested them deep in my heart, how does a grandparent effectively communicate legacy to their grandchildren? Especially a legacy of faith?

6 Fun Ways to Connect to Your Grandkids

One of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received was from my daughter-in-law who posted this statement on social media:“My kids think Nana’s house is the equivalent of Disneyland. Thank you, Nana and Papa, for being such wonderful grandparents!”It surprised me to read her post, because I didn’t think our house was that special. In fact, we don’t have any fancy toys or gadgets, and we don’t even have a swing-set in the backyard. But when I really stopped to think about it, I realized that what mattered most to us and the grandkids was the time we’d invested in connecting with them—really connecting.Even though my husband and I were raised in a completely different era, we’ve been able to interact with the grandkids in ways that show them “we’ve still got it.” So, if you are needing some fresh ideas on how to show your grandchildren that you’ve still got it, here are some super-fun and simple ways to do just that! (Disneyland not included).Photo Credit: © Getty Images/Andrey Popov

15 Tips for New Grandparents

One of the most significant milestones in your life is becoming a grandparent. A new generation has been added to your family, and you have entered a season of life that is so wonderful you could never imagine it. That new grandchild will change your life and give you glimpses of God in every smile.

How to Pray for Grandchildren Facing Challenges

Sometimes I am overcome by the challenges facing my grandchildren.Even the youngest face temptations. I’ve personally witnessed some of their battles with cheating, lying, disobedience, and disrespect.And my school-age grandchildren? Sometimes, their challenges are enough to break my heart in two and catapult me into (Grand)Mama Bear mode.Honestly, even my youngest elementary school-age grands face identity and image issues, challenges of character, sexual purity temptations, peer pressure, and the many crises of friendship.I know you feel it, too. In addition to the challenges mentioned above, most of our grandchildren are facing issues related to materialism, busyness, family, and divorce. They are being assaulted continually by media and school curriculum that are aligned against Christian values. And some even face the very serious challenges of skepticism, cynicism, homelessness, depression, and suicide.We hurt for them, children with weight heaped upon their shoulders – weight that is much too heavy even for adults to carry.
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7 Simple Ways to Be a More Involved Grandparent

You dont have to take your grandkids to Disney Land to be an awesome grandparent. Its often the simple things that make the biggest difference. Here are 7 simple ideas to be more intentional with your grandchildren.

What to Do When You're Not Ready to Become a Grandparent

A few years ago, when things took a much different turn than expected, my husband and I were informed that we were going to become grandparents at the age of 42. Nothing could have prepared us for that news. And even though we had God and each other to depend on, the bottom line was we were not ready to become grandparents. Perhaps life has thrown you a similar curveball and you are wondering how you are going to transition into grandparenthood. You may wonder if you will instantly bond with the baby or feel detached. You may worry that your son or daughter will ask too much of you. You may even wish that you werent in this particular season at all. I get it. Thats why Id like to offer several tips to help you embrace grandparenting and actually thrive in the beautiful role that it is. Here are a few things you can do when youre not ready to become a grandparent: Photo courtesy: ©Thinkstock/Pilin_Petunyia

5 Ways to Be an Involved Grandparent without Overstepping

“Put it back. It doesn’t work!”I had just put my favorite moisturizer into my buggy with my five-year-old granddaughter. She was just learning to read.“What?”Carson pointed to the card. “See. It says ‘Gets rid of wrinkles in just two weeks.’ You don’t need to buy this. It doesn’t work.”My granddaughter didn’t even crack a smile as she assessed my impending purchase. Why? Because it wasn’t funny to her. It was matter-of-fact. I had been using this wrinkle cream for a long time, much more than two weeks, and Carson was right. My wrinkles were still there.But the greatest thing about that conversation was that none of my wrinkles mattered to my granddaughter.Grandchildren love their grandparents no matter what. They are aware that grandparents move a little slower, can’t jump very high (if they can jump at all!), don’t see much without their glasses or hear much without their hearing aids, and more.But the unconditional love between a grandparent and grandchild is a bond that will only grow stronger as their relationship grows. The grandchild-grandparent relationship is special and unlike any other.Grandparents can be a tremendous source of support for the parents. But in order for them to not overstep their roles, they must know where the boundaries are. Both parents and grandparents want only the best for the same children.So how can they work together to make sure they are working to accomplish the same goals?Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/monkeybusinessimages

10 Tips for Biblical Grandparenting

I remember holding my first child and feeling an overwhelming weight of responsibility. In an instant, I understood that what I did and didn’t do as a parent would seriously influence the course of my child’s life. It was a frightening and holy moment, one that caused me to fling myself on God’s mercy. Realizing how clueless I was, I claimed James 1:5 as my parenting life verse: “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.”When I held my first grandchild, that weight didn’t settle quite as heavily upon my shoulders. I realized that instead of being one of the main influences in my grandchild’s life, I was to play a supporting role. Yet like the actor who seeks to win the Best Supporting Actor award, I wanted to do everything I could to help my children raise healthy, happy, godly adults. To that end, I’ve developed 10 tips for biblical grandparenting.Photo courtesy: ©GettyImages/monkeybusinessimages

5 of the Best Gifts Grandparents Have to Offer Their Grandchildren

An Oxford study found that grandparents play a high-level role in children's emotional and behavioral growth. Present grandparents help ensure children have fewer emotional problems and are less likely to find themselves involved in negative behavioral situations. The bottom line is that active and involved grandparents are a blessing to their children and grandchildren!

30 Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandkids of All Ages

There is nothing like the expression on someone’s face when you give them a gift that they are looking forward to enjoying. One of the hardest demographics to buy for is children because there are so many options. As a former daycare teacher, I’m a big fan of educational gifts that promote different developmental skills, as well as books and traditional toys. You will find a little of everything on this list.

Grandparenting as a Team: How to Lead Grandchildren with Parents, Not against Them

Twelve years ago, my son handed me a little blue bundle, and it changed me forever.From that moment on, I became a grandma. My tears sharpened my vision as I looked at Jude, cradled in my arms. A new journey of trusting God began for me. Since that day in February, God blessed us with four other grandchildren. Four that we get to love in person, and one granddaughter who is waiting for us in heaven.One of the biggest things I learned is that grandparenting is a team effort. Here is how to lead grandchildren with parents and not against them.I love my grandchildren to pieces, but I did not give birth to them. Once I accepted that fact, God showed me what we need to do as grandparents to ensure our grandchildren will grow up well.Photo credit: ©GettyImages/LuckyBusiness


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