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Peter Thiel On Theology

Thiel argues that although we read the Bible, in a very real sense, the Bible also reads us. What does that mean?

New Book About Jesus And Economics: An Excerpt

It started two decades ago with a debate, but over time I grew hungry to do more than just win the argument or to merely defend my views against shallow attempts to use the Bible to discredit them.

Map Shows Religious Bias In Quarantine

When cultural bias causes governors who are religiously or politically unsympathetic to churches to shut down the use of those buildings, they are no longer functioning as God-ordained ministers protecting the lives of their citizens.

David French vs. Woke Capitalism

Before the progressive take-over of the boardroom, French started his career as a 1st Amendment lawyer, and then for many years “worked full-time litigating campus speech codes, protecting freedom of association, protecting religious liberty.”


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