How to Survive the First Year of Grieving a Loved One

Even though I was relieved that Beth was finally out of her pain from battling stage 4 cancer, my heart ached from the realization that after spending 37 years with her, I would never see her again – this side of heaven. I had no idea that this was just the beginning of my grieving process. The year of firsts was coming.

Here Are 10 Things Selfish People Always Do in Relationships

Considering selfishness in ourselves is one of the most challenging, yet freeing, things we can do as believers. It helps us notice where we put ourselves before God. Then, we can do something about it. Anytime we are of greater importance than Him, our relationship with God will be stunted. Where we are selfish, we are not surrendered. Where we are not surrendered, we are not living free.

We tend to think of selfishness simplistically as pride. While pride breeds selfishness, t

7 Beautiful Things about Boring Marriages

Marriage isn’t about the big moments but the moments in between, the day to day. It’s the boring moments in between that make a break a marriage. It boils down to perspective.


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