A Prayer for Co-Laboring with God

A few months ago, my middle daughter accepted Christ, it was a day we’d prayed for since her birth, and my husband and I were beyond excited. We attend church regularly, pray, read the Bible as a family, and have numerous godly influences. I wasn’t surprised when Abigail, my daughter, began asking questions about accepting Christ a few months earlier.

It started with a question on the way to school about what a person should pray to receive salvation. Then it was multiple questions before bedtime, with the final pronouncement that “Yes! I want to accept Jesus,” was exclaimed at the dinner table.

Afterward, my husband and I prayed with her, listening as she admitted her sin, asked for forgiveness, and announced that she desired to be saved and for Christ to rule her life. We invited our pastor to come over and speak with her in preparation for baptism in the following weeks. When our pastor left, he looked at my husband and said, “It is obvious you have spoken numerous times about the gospel, she knows it, and I’m confident she is a new sister in Christ!”

Walking back inside, trying to hide my annoyance, my husband asked what was wrong. I knew it shouldn’t have mattered that our pastor was just talking in general, with no slight to me, but I couldn’t help but feel resentful that he didn’t acknowledge my role in helping lead my daughter to Christ.

The truth was, however, that while yes, my husband, our church, and family members all played a part in encouraging Abigail to accept Christ, it was only by God’s grace that she received the gift of salvation.

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