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Join us here each Sunday at 8PM CST for a LIVE weekly (bi-lingual) message from Dr. Richard Hamlet, Founder/Host of Ministry in the Marketplace. Each week, Dr. Hamlet digs deep into scripture with an encouraging message from God's word.

Ministry Summary

Dr. Richard Hamlet is a Wall Street trained financial professional with decades of experience working in the Capital markets.

In 1997 Dr. Hamlet was called by God into the pastoral ministry. Since then he and his wife, Ginger, have ministered in almost 100 countries around the globe, preaching the gospel and equipping indigenous church leaders in the work of ministry.

Dr. Hamlet has a burning passion for those practitioners in the “marketplace” who need to hear the saving gospel of Jesus. In 2014 Dr. Hamlet launched the radio show Ministry in the Marketplace with the goal of empowering Christians to make an impact for Christ in their workplaces and circles of influence.



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